At Aleo Prime, we help our clients to understand – and effectively exploit – the efficiency resource, whether for electricity, natural gas, oil, propane or other fuels.

we have a solution to every unique situation

Energy Efficiency & Modernization

For existing buildings, energy efficiency and modernization solutions can help you discover dollars that would have been otherwise wasted on unnecessary energy and operating costs. 

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

For new construction and existing buildings, transform the built environment and ensure peak performance over the building lifecycle with energy efficiency and sustainability consulting  services.

Monitoring Based Commissioning

MBC, BENCHMARKING, and M&V empowers building operators with automated data analytics tools to ensure persistent and optimal efficiency. The technology and services offered by Aleo Prime can bolster your building operation teams' ability to consistently monitor building performance.

Performance Contracting

Performance contracting, also known as Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) or a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract, is a valuable tool for achieving infrastructure modernization, budget reduction, efficiency, and sustainability goals without the need for upfront capital expenditure. Performance contracts are budget-neutral. Project costs are paid for by the guaranteed savings realized from efficiency upgrades.

Renewable Energy

Investment in renewable energy technologies is powered by concerns about the environment, energy security, and financial well-being. Driven by global demand, price uncertainty, and social impacts of fossil fuels, more business, institutional and governmental leaders are turning to renewables as part of their energy mix. These solutions can.

Sustainable Management Services

Drawing on a combined 25+ years of expertise as a leading energy and sustainability consulting firm. Aleo Prime offers Sustainable Management Services to organizations seeking a definitive path to sustainability.